Our Affordable Rates


Our rates are thoughtfully crafted to strike a balance between quality and affordability, giving you access to our top-notch services without breaking the bank. Rest assured that we don't compromise on quality despite our reasonable rates

Standard RoomSuperior RoomStandard Beach RoomSuperior Beach Room
22.12.19 – 05.01.20HB$185$139$311$203$327$210$361$241
06.01. – 31.03.20HB$212$134$235$153$250$159$272$177
01.04. – 30.06.20HB$133$80$154$99$170$105$191$124
01.07. – 31.08.20HB$200$125$221$143$237$150$258$168
01.09. – 20.12.20HB$172$106$194$125$209$131$194$150
21.12.19 – 05.01.21HB$185$139$311$203$327$210$361$241
  • All prices per person.
  • HB: half board, breakfast and dinner included
  • FB: full board, breakfast, lunch and dinner included


  • Book 5 nights or more, HB:  one beach dinner included
  • Book 7 nights or more, HB: one beach dinner and one glass boat trip included
  • Book 14 nights or more, HB: pay 13 nights only and one beach dinner and one glass boat trip included

Safari Combo

In combination with a safari you can see the BIG 6 at the right time of the season, as you can combine lions, buffalos, leopards, elephants and rhinos with whale shark or humpback whale tours.

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