Snorkelling Tour to Kinondo

The natural swimming pool called Kinondo has a size of four Olympic swimming pools and with its maximum depth of 6 meter is the perfect snorkelling spot! The white sandy sea floor and the turquoise water are the home of huge coral heads in wonderful colours. Occasional also sea turtles are coming here. Half day tour includes: ·         Pick up and drop off at Coconut Beach Lodge ·         Snorkelling equipment Price: 40 $ per person

Snorkelling and dolphin tour to Wasini Island

You will start you trip at Coconut Beach Lodge with a drive to Shimoni, a small town nearby the boarder of Tanzania. Here was once the first colonial base of the British in Eastern Africa which can be noticed in old buildings in colonial style. You will board now a wooden dhow boat, the main means of transportation on Kenya’s coast. While sailing through the blue lagoon, you might be able to spot dolphins. The dhow will drop anchor in the middle of a beautiful coral forest where you can snorkel through uncountable colourful fishes. You might even meet turtles under water! Later on a delicious swahili seafood lunch will be served on Wasini Island, a small beautiful place midst in the Indian Ocean. After lunch you will take a walk through the coral garden. Then the dhow will sail you back to the mainland and you will be driven back to Coconut Beach Lodge.

Full day including:

  • Pick up and drop off at Coconut Beach Lodge
  • National park fees @ Wasini NP
  • Lunch
  • Soft drinks on board
  • Snorkelling equipment

Price: 90 USD

Picture credit: Watamu Marine Association


The south coast of Kenya is the perfect spot for diving. No matter if it is your first diving experience or if you want to do PADI certified courses, we offer different possibilities from “Bubble maker”, to “Dicsover diving”, “Open water”, differnet dive packages and much more.

Picture credit: Whale Shark Adventures

Snorkelling with Whale Sharks

The spotter aircraft hovers over the turquoise ocean and helps to spot the gentle giants. Then the special moment is here, you will swim with the giants of the oceans, which glide calmly through the water. The up to 13 meters long and about 12 tons heavy animals are peaceful and kind creatures that float silently through the ocean. They are the largest shark and at the same time the largest fish of our earth. They are toothless and feed on plankton and small fish and are completely harmless. Experience a fascinating underwater encounter that you will never forget.

Half day tour includes:
·         Pick up and drop off at Coconut Beach Lodge
·         Snorkelling equipment
·         fruits & mineral water

Price: 200 $ per person

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